A fact-based approach to finding a good UK casino site

I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point. Led to believe something is great, only to find out to our detriment later that a review may not have been entirely honest in its appraisal. This happens with movies, video games, restaurants… and unfortunately it also happens with online casinos.

Ideally, helpful reviews will feature the independent, unbiased opinion of the author as well as a few verifiable facts about the product or service in question. Sometimes, however, companies may pay for positive remarks or seek to cut out any negative comments related to them in reviews. Thankfully, fact-checking is something we can control as customers. Upon seeing a suspiciously positive review, this is the best approach to finding out whether an online casino is really worth your time and money. Here are some key facts you can check for yourself before jumping into the world of casino gaming (note that while we’ll be talking primarily about UK casino sites, these rules may also apply to online casinos based elsewhere):

Do they have an official UK gambling license?

All lawful UK casino sites must be licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. They will state this clearly at the bottom of each page on their website, so it’s easy to find if you know what you’re looking for. The UK Gambling Commission’s purpose is to independently test and verify the casino’s games to make sure they are fair, and ensure the casino is honest about the odds of winning. Basically, they exist to ensure that you, the player, have a chance of winning and aren’t simply being conned out of your money with no hope of getting anything back. This accountability for online casinos is vital. Therefore, an official UK gambling license should always be the first thing you look for when checking out any new UK casino site.

Are they supported by top quality software providers?

It can be useful to know at least some of the top providers for online casino software. These are basically the developers who make the most popular casino games; if you have any personal favourites, be sure to check who the software provider is. After doing this a few times you’ll get to know for yourself who has the best track records among software providers. Currently the top providers are regarded as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, along with a few others. It does no harm to check out who your selected casino’s software providers are before playing.

How good is their casino game selection?

It isn’t just about who’s making the games – the range itself is what’s going to keep you around, after all. If you already have a couple of favourites, you’ll be eager to know if this particular casino has what you’re looking for, but take a few moments to have a quick glance at what else they have to offer. Some UK casino sites market themselves on sheer quantity of available games, whereas the quality of offerings may be more important to you. This ultimately comes down to your own personal taste.

What casino bonus attractions are on offer?

Of course, a major attraction of UK casino sites are the juicy bonuses they offer to entice new customers. Before making that initial deposit though, it’s recommended that you read the small print – even if you’ve already read one of those extra positive reviews that assured you how brilliant it is. Usually a wagering requirement will be required to activate a certain bonus. Judge for yourself how the wagering requirement measures up against the casino bonus being offered, and don’t rush into anything just because it sounds tempting. This is also an effective way of judging how generous the online casino’s bonuses are overall.

Know the facts – while taking heed of other opinions

Obviously, a large part of enjoying play at an online casino comes down to individual tastes and preferences, but it’s always best to know the facts before going in. When paying attention to reviews and other opinions you’ll often find there is some useful information contained in them even if you don’t ultimately agree with their conclusion. Take heed of this information, do a little of your own research, and you could easily find a great UK casino site that you’d be willing to settle with for a long time to come.