What you didn’t know about HTML5 slots and what you should know

Everything You Need to Know About HTML5 Slots at the Best UK Online Casinos. Online slots have been a firm favourite for UK casino goers for many years. When they first became available the games were very basic. However, over the years slot games online have come on in leaps and bounds.

The Flash Era is Over and HTML5 Slots are Taking Over

When online slots first became available, Flash was the name of the game. And while this was all that was on offer, players were more than happy with the selection of slots games online. Recently, digital gaming has been taken to a whole new level and technological advancements are making the gaming experience something different entirely. HTML5 is now the preferred platform for most of the top software providers. NetEnt has actually decided to move all of its games over to HTML5.

Why are HTML5 Slots Better?

Playing at the best UK casinos online, for many years meant using Flash. It allowed video content to be run on the web and this was fine while it lasted. The new generation of software, in terms of slots and games generally, has meant a much better experience for players. The graphics are far superior and the high quality sounds and animation mean that the games are more entertaining.

More Mobile Versions of the Best UK Casinos Slots are Also Being Made Available

Improved technology is also allowing casino software providers to increase the repertoire of mobile casino games, including an every increasing number of slots that can be played using a mobile device. Visitors to many of the top UK online casinos can now enjoy all their favourite games whether at home or on the go.

Is HTML5 Better Than Flash?

We sincerely hope it is because almost all browser suppliers are declaring that Flash will no longer be supported. The truth of the matter is that HTML5 is a vast improvement but it does have some weaknesses. This new software has actually been around for a while as it first appeared in 2012. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that the final version of the software became available. Once this happened it didn’t take too long for more and more developers to realise its potential. Today, HTML5 slots and other online casino UK games are fast becoming the most popular option.

There are a number of features that make HTML5 the better option. The first of which is the speed of the games. While it may be difficult to quantify the exact savings on speed, once you’ve played a few and compared them with Flash you’ll quickly appreciate the improvement.

What Devices can be Used for HTML5 Slot Games Online?

HTML5 allows games to be played on virtually every kind of device. The list is practically endless and includes iOS and Android phones and tablets, smart televisions, desk and lap tops. It is worth pointing out, however, that while almost all devices support HTML5 games, not all browsers support the software at present. However, because a large percentage of online casino games and slots software is now HTML5 based, it’s not going to take too long for all the browser providers to catch up.

What Software Providers Offer HTML5 Slots and Other Casino Games?

Most of the big guns providing online games for UK online casinos offer a range of these latest games. Included are Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft and Endorphina. Some of the most popular online slots at present are Guns ‘n Roses, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and The Invisible Man. All of which herald from the NetEnt stable of games. While Playtech offers the Batman slots series along with Monty’s Millions, Rocky and Dr Lovemore.

What are the Benefits of HTML5 games?

HTML5 is better than Flash in a number of different ways. For one thing it uses far less power. It is in fact quite a significant saving, between 15% and 20%. Using this type of game in an online casino can be done with a much smaller outlay. Because all the tools needed are free of charge. Flash, on the other hand, was known for being horrendously expensive. This up to date software can be used with all types of device, making it far more flexible. And unlike Flash, there is no need to download anything special. Creating games using HTML5 allows for much greater imagination. No restrictions mean more functionality.

Looking forward into the future, it’s very likely that HTML5 will become the dominate platform. Not just for online slots but all types of online casino UK games. Flash will probably still be available for a while yet, but be prepared for it to disappear over the horizon sometime in the near future.