Free Spins

Most casinos offer a play for free option to give punters a chance to sample their games and find out if that casino is the one for them. Obviously, in this situation, the player cannot win any real money. However, there are plenty of free spin opportunities being handed out by online casinos which have similarities to free play but with some clear differences. The first is that any money won with a free spin is yours to keep – though there may be wagering requirements involved that need to be understood. There are several main types of free spins that we will take a look at them and offer some key information on them.

No Deposit Free Spins

These are a great feature that casinos use to entice new users to their site. Like the name suggests these are no deposit free spins that are given to punters for registering their details on a site. Simply enter the personal information that is required for registering and the casino will top you up with some free spins that pretty much all payout real money if you win. These are great because there is no wagering of your own money, you get to know the ins and outs of the casino and experience games with no risk to your bankroll. As mentioned before there may be wagering requirements when withdrawing money made from free spins so make sure to check the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure they are clear.

No Wager Free Spins

If a player is happy with the site and wishes to go ahead and make a deposit then a casino will often reward the first deposit with more online casino free spins. Sometimes they will match the deposit made up until a certain limit which can be used anywhere on the site, then add a few free spins on top as a sweetener for use on the slots. Like a no deposit free spins casino bonus there may be terms associated with using and cashing in the winnings won from the free spins so make sure you are clued in about what they are. They will be easy to find on the website, or in the small print on sign up, or when making a deposit.

Other Types of Free Spins

Some games also offer free spins as part of the general course of play. The majority of these will be in smaller amounts, say 5 or 10, though you can get as many 50 or more depending on the game. Many games offer free spin rounds that are unlocked at a certain stage in the game or when a certain combination of symbols is revealed. Some advice from veterans is that, depending on your bankroll, it is usually in a player’s best interest to go big and wager the largest amount in the free spin rounds to maximise winnings – check your limits of course before employing this strategy. One nifty feature that some slots offer is a free spin retrigger. This can be achieved by putting together the same combo that triggered the free spins in the first place. All games are different however so make sure that you know the ins and outs of the slot you are playing to make sure that you are doing the actions to trigger a free spin round. Anything in life that is free is great, but winning money off of free spins is something else.


Free spins are a great feature that casinos have added to stay competitive and entice new players to their sites. As such, they can be a great additional way of maximising profit while playing or trying a new slot, and they are fun too. The key to their success is making sure that you are clear on the terms and conditions of the offer to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything.