UK casinos are all going mobile – here’s how it works

With the modern technology surge, it is little surprise that mobile gambling is ruling the roost. With IOS, iPhones, iPads and Android emerging and being used by millions of people across the world, it is little wonder that the world of gambling and casino brands have tried to cash in and take advantage of this technological advance.

Casino developers have begun to start building their games, with mobile gaming software at the forefront of their minds. Indeed, mobile gambling now accounts for twenty per cent of the online gambling market, with many developers creating their games for the sole purpose of bringing in mobile users.

Much of the appeal of mobile gambling is simply its easy accessibility and the fact that customers and users can play and gamble on these apps, whilst on the move. What better way to fill up a bit of time, perhaps whilst travelling or on a lunch break, than playing on an easily navigable mobile app. What’s more, the leading brands in the casino world offer their users a terrific mobile experience; with live casino games quite literally being at their fingertips. The mobile gambling market, for this reason, is a worldwide phenomenon, worth more than a staggering ten billion dollars.

The beginning of mobile gambling can be traced back to 2007, with the advent of

innovative companies such as Apple producing the iPhone and later the iPad, it really was a technological revolution of sorts and crucially a space in which mobile/online casinos could flourish and begin to take shape. Indeed, technological development in this field had come such a long way, that at the beginning of 2014 the consumption of internet data exceeded that of internet usage on computers for the very first time.

The advancement of technology inevitably comes with those who are technophobic. This has led many to believe that mobile casinos are not a safe haven in which to put your credit card details, fearing that they will fall victim to bank fraud. This simply isn’t the case! Just as online shopping is a modern phenomenon that has been embraced worldwide, in which there are rigorous payment gateways, the same can be said for mobile casinos. Mobile casino developers ensure that their apps are protected by the strongest and most secure encryptions out there, to ensure customer safety. In fact, many current payment methods do not require people to give out personal details and online casino brands work very hard to ensure the protection of their customers.

Getting started with mobile gambling apps is also a very simple, easy and quick process. Many of the top mobile gambling brands offer instant play and downloadable versions of their apps, in order to optimise user numbers and entice customers to use their apps.

If you do decide to use these array of mobile gambling apps, then you are not missing out on any features that desktop versions can provide, with the catalogue of games available to the mobile user being just as extensive.

It has even been estimated that 164 million people will likely access online gambling via mobile devices by 2018, a statistic which might suggest that mobile gambling may at some stage eradicate desktop versions altogether. The fact that mobile casinos are so simple and straight-forward to use, is perhaps another factor why such large numbers are downloading and using these apps. Both novices and seasoned pros can try their hand at gambling in a convenient and safe environment.

Overall, it is clear that the advent of online mobile gambling has created a vast and very lucrative market for casino developers to disseminate their content. In an ever growing technological world, online casino developers have had to move with the times and it is to both their benefit and the benefit of their customers that mobile gambling is centre stage in the modern gambling world.